stop payment on a check I recently sold my H-D Fatboy.

stop payment on a check
I recently sold my H-D Fatboy. I accepted $7000 cash & the balance $1500 in check form. She had problems & stopped payment on the check. She sign a bill of sale stating I sold her the bike ”as is”. My checking account is overdrawn now & need to know what legal rights I have. Thanks to the internet I live in Florida and she lives in S. Carolina making it even more difficult. I need to know if she is in any criminal violation or if it is just civil? Can i reposess the bike? Have her arressted? Report the bike stolen cause she did not make the full payment? What can I do? Would like to resolve it with out making it a long drawn out ordeal. I just need the money.

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    You can send a demand letter for the bad check which will probably get ignored. Use the statutory form as set forth in Florida statutes for bad checks. If she fails to pay, then you can sue her in Florida on the bad check. You are not allowed to repossess the vehicle unless you have a formal lien on it. Unfortunately, this points out why you should never accept a personal check for payment on a motor vehicle of any type. Only clear funds should be accepted.

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