Defalt of Sales Agreement On Nov 8 03 a sales agreement was signed between me…

Defalt of Sales Agreement
On Nov 8 03 a sales agreement was signed between me and a purchaser of my mobile home. The mobile home was to be paid for in full and removed from our property by 11/27/03 as we were to start building our home on property. As of date the mobile has not been removed and we have only collected 1/2 of the money due to us. Purchaser signed a contract stating it had to be moved by 11/27/03 and that once said property has begun the prep for removal that the contract could not be voided and that she is responible for all damages that occure to the mobile. We have verbally extended her date to remove mobile to 1/27/04 as she was having some personal problems. It is now Feb.the mobile is still on the property. I have tried for 2 weeks to contact purchaser via phone to discuss the issue, she has not returned the call. I have a church interested in the mobile for a homeless family, I am willing to donate it to them as I am tired of messing around with this. I am living with family memebers, paying storage fees, and waiting for my house to be built. I am asking if I am obligated to return her deposit before giving the mobile to the church. Or if I can keep it for all the headaches, damage etc….

When Is My Lease Really Up?

When Is My Lease Really Up?
On Oct.22,2006. I signed a lease and paid in full and advance for 6 mos. rent.

My landlord came by last Friday. wanting to know if I was going to continue renting.

I told him that I would consider it, as long as the Electrical problems(after moving in there was several problems discovered, which the landlord will not fix)were completely addressed and fixed.

He continued to ask me to consider renting a room to one of his newest emplyees (just moved here fronm Florida) I had a previous theft problem with his main employee.

He stopped by unannounced 2 nights ago. I didn’t answer the door.

He called today, asking me again to rent a room out.

He was telling me his house pymt is due the first week of the month and if I was going to have the rent.

I paid 6 months in advance for my rent(Last week in Oct.2006) I was assuming my rent is paid up until April 22,2007.

When is my 6 months rental lease up?