Mr. Ravi had given a Power of Attorney to Mr. Raju and Shailesh, but he has published a Public Notice stating that he has cancelled all the Powers, and had sold the land to us. Now the PoA holders are demanding for money from us. Do the PoA holders have any legal rights. Any transaction of money between the owners and the PoA holder is not mentioned in the PoA.

proof of a foreign power of attorney Dear friend, I am dealing with a civil…

proof of a foreign power of attorney
Dear friend,

I am dealing with a civil case where the opposite party has set up a power of attorney alleged to have been executed by certain persons residing in Malaysia. I want to prove that the said power of attorney is not a genuine document. My client has been to Malaysia and could not trace the said person i.e. by those whom the power of attorney is purported to have executed. Now the problem is how to proceed in the courts here i.e. how to prove that it is not a genuine document. Since document has been embossed as required under the law, the same carries a presumption of truth under the Indian Evidence Act and as such the onus is on us to prove the same is not genuine Any relevant case law shall be highly appreciated.

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Revocation of Power of attorney Background 1.

Revocation of Power of attorney
1. ‘A’ gave a registered GPA to ‘B’ in 1990 for sale of property. B entered into an agreement of sale with A for a consideration
2. ‘A’ revoced the GPA on 3-1-2005.
3. B registered the property in his wife’s name on 10-1-2005
4. concealing the revocation, B’s wife sold the property to ‘C’ in 2006 (sale deed registered without the issue of revocation popping up,all parties concealing the same). ‘A’ signed as confirming party to the deed.
5. Title of ownership is not being transfered inthe name of ‘C’ by the office (the tilte is still in the name of A)
Please advice on:

1. what should C do now? Is there any recourse
2. Can the revocation of GPA be cancelled by A now?
3. Can ”A’ issue a fresh GPA (not registered) (back dated )in the name of B’s wife to make the sale deed valid
4. Is there any legal recourse for mental agony
5. will a No objection certificate from ‘A’ suffice now?