Which Legal Form Do I Need?

Which Legal Form Do I Need?
I’m not sure which form may be most appropiate through ”FindLegalForms.com”
Heres my situation:
I would like my family sign perhaps one of the forms from the website so I can sleep better at night.
In a nutshell:
Dad passed away, left an unfair trust with greedy trustee which gave undue influence. (can’t proove it)
86 yr. old mother with sound mind agrees with me and is willing to counter weight my short comings from my dad’s trust into her trust/will.
Would like a certain form for my siblings to sign (2 bad apples out of eight children) so they won’t manipulate my mother after we agree on a compensation. I know a trust is solid but somthing I may need in the future if I need to contest it from further undue influence.
What forms I found that might be relavent are:
Indemnity Agreement
General Affidavit
& General Declaration
Thanks in advance!

I have a contract with Publish America.

I have a contract with Publish America. Because I asked for them to fix the text in the book they stopped producing my book. I have attached a part of the contract, Can you tell if according to the contract the contract is cancelled and they have no more publishing rights to my book.
Notwithstanding the reversion of publishing rights to Author, Author’s remaining obligations to Publisher, including the warranties and indemnifications provided in paragraph 23 shall survive the discontinuation of the book pursuant to this paragraph.
23. Warranties and Indemnification: The Author covenants and represents that the Work contains no matter that, when published, will incite prejudice, amount to an invasion of privacy, be libelous, obscene, or otherwise unlawful, or which will infringe upon any proprietary interest at common law, trademark, trade secret, patent or copyright; that the Author is the sole proprietor of the Work and all parts thereof (or has obtained all necessary permissions), has reached the age of majority and has full power to make and perform this grant and agreement, and that the Work is free of any lien, claim, charge or debt of any kind, and that the Author and his legal successors and/or representatives will hold harmless and keep indemnified the Publisher
from all manner of claims, proceeding and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, which may be taken or incurred by Publisher on the ground that the covenants above are not true or that the Work is subject to any such lien, claim, charge or debt, or that it is such violation, or that it contains anything defamatory or illegal.

Owner Selling Condo and Listing Agent right to enty?

Owner Selling Condo and Listing Agent right to enty?
I have rented a condo for approx. 3 years and am on month to month. The condo owner gave me 3 days notice of intent to sell and listing agent promptly installed a lock box on my door. I have pets and so far the dog is scared to death! My question is: do they have to give me a certain amount of notice and can they enter whenever and with however many people. they have also gotten rid of the property manage i dealt with and given my deposit to the condo owner brother. Help.

Real Estate Matter I am currently living in someone’s basement renting from them.

Real Estate Matter
I am currently living in someone’s basement renting from them. The land and house that I lived in was bought by another couple and they are terminating the lease; we have to move out by may 31st. I found out april 25th so I am trying to move out tomorrow. I told my landlord today and he said i broke the lease which was month to month is that the case? how did i break the lease if we already have to leave anyway? am i supposed to stay for the month of may or can i leave and only pay for the days i was here?

my friend needs help/victim of identity theft My friend recently was involved…

my friend needs help/victim of identity theft
My friend recently was involved w/ identity theft. He received a letter from an attorney claiming he owed over $2000 to an apartment mang. My friend has never lived in MD. Upon meetings, he discovered they had a copy of his driver’s lic, signature and other personal information. My friend recalls losing his driver’s license which had his signature and ss# on it. W/ the type of evidence/info they have, my friend feels defeated and is willing to pay the cost to clear up his credit. I disagree w/ him. Not only because it was not him, the attorney informed him after the lease was over, people (not the person who signed the lease) continued to live there on month to month bases. Then left the premises w/out paying. W/ that info, the attorney said my friend was liable to the charges incurred because his name was on the lease… even though the lease/contract ended? I am very concerned and want to help my friend. I do not feel he should pay for something he has not done. He is the victim. What step should my friend take? Fight or accept defeat and pay? Also, what is the law in MD in regards to an end of a lease. Is the signer still liable after the lease ends but other people decide to live there w/ the mangment knowledge? Thankyou