Mobile Home Purchase My question is concerning a used mobile home that I…

Mobile Home Purchase
My question is concerning a used mobile home that I purchased on a 3yr payment plan from the same mobile home park that I rent a pad from, also were the home resides.Now that I have payed in full for the said mobile home. I have made several request in writing, The seller has failed to produce a title. I have had a buyer since the day I payed off my note but have been unable to sell without a title, all along I am being charged for pad rent.Is there any legal action I can take to recover my loss if they cannot produce a title, such as pad rent that I must pay due to not being able to sell,and or the purchase amount plus interest. (I dont think they have a title at all) What can I do??

Unreasonable Landlord I live in a mobile home park.

Unreasonable Landlord
I live in a mobile home park. We were served legal papers today stating that our lot rent had not been paid for the last 2 months. I called the park management, I told them that the checks had been sent to them on time and have cleared the bank, I could get proof from the bank but it takes 2 weeks and the court date is in 12 days. They said too bad, they would not stop the proceedings until they have proof. They also said they had sent a notice to our home address,I told them that we get mail at a Post Office box not at the home (they had previously been given the PO Box number) They replied that they will not send mail to a PO Box. Do you think a Judge will be more reasonable and allow use to receive the proof from the bank?
Can they refuse to send mail to a PO Box when that is your mailing address?

Language in Auto Accident Settlement I was involved in an auto accident last…

Language in Auto Accident Settlement
I was involved in an auto accident last week in MO at which my vehicle was totaled and I was not at fault. I have been communicating with the insurance company for the at fault party, and reached an agreement over the phone to settle the car-related expenses for a certain amount. The insurance agent faxed me a copy of the ”Release and Settlement of All Property Damage Claims.” Upon first perusal this document appeared to be persuant to what we had discussed, and I signed the document with a notary public. However, upon closer inspection I found a clause that I thought might prove troublesome. So far I still have the signed document, but have not returned it to the insurance agent. The language reads ”I do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said persons and entities from all further claims or demands, costs or expenses arising out of the injuries or damages sustained by me.” This follows the expected language releasing further liability regarding ”property damage.” My concern is that the ”injuries or damages” clause will prevent me from seeking further compensation for emotional and mental distress, medical expenses, etc… Am I right to be concerned about such a clause, or does this just apply to the car damage?

I tried to simplify, but this is the short version:
We lived in a rental…

I tried to simplify, but this is the short version:
We lived in a rental property for over 2 years where 1 yr + 5 mos. contained a lease and then the following 8 mos. was month to month. When we moved in we had to clean the place to make it liveable & we were told we could paint it to make us feel at home . We gave a 45 day notice of intent to vacate due to work relocation beyond 80 miles.. Upon leaving we thoroughly cleaned the property, repainted back to neutral, & had utilities scheduled to be out of our name on the first of the month. As of the first of the month, we received an angry email that we had not given a 30 day notice & we had no right to not be paying the utilities. We sent them proof of our notice to vacate then they claimed we had 4 mos. left on our lease, so they said we could pay 2 mos. rent and they would release our financial responsibilities. We asked for this alleged lease to be faxed to us, but it never was. Fast forward over 40 days, we sent them a certified letter explaining that we filled our legal obligations & that they should do so as well–no deposit or itemized deduction yet–we requested it in 5 business days. they said they owed us nothing via email they gave us a quote of paint/labor: $518; same day utility fee; cleaning fee: $150; Carpet cleaning fee: $165; face plate fees: $25. we responded that we would accept the carpet cleaning since it was in the original lease + less than $5 of face plates (useful life left of old, dirty, cracked faceplates that we had replaced &/or painted to make them presentable). One of the main questions is if we are given permission to paint & then return to neutral can they charge us to paint (they say 2 coats in 2 rooms & 1 in another)? plus wouldn’t after 2 years they have to paint for new tenant? we have pictures of a white, clean rental property. As for the cleaning, we cleaned from top to bottom, so wouldn’t this fee be normal wear & tear after 2 years? Please help me with our legal grounds. (We have pictures of the property the day we turned it back to them plus emails through the entire residency. ) basically, they are trying to intimidate us to just settle for no refund; however, I feel that we have enough evidence to get the majority back minus a carpet cleaning fee listed on original lease. thank you