Lesser charge of domestic due to negligence?

Lesser charge of domestic due to negligence??
If a husband and wife are arguing over an impending divorce in their mobile home and there is no threat of violence and then the husband moves to the front and starts up the vehicle and the wife jumps out, hurting herself, is it possible to avoid domestic violence charges through some lesser plea involving perhaps negligence?

What rights do Mobile home park managers have?

What rights do Mobile home park managers have? I am trying to sell my mobile home, they came & did an inspection. There is a list of things that I am to do befor I can sell it. My son was turned down to buy it, because he has no credit history for past 5 yrs. They pulled his credit report from 15+ yrs ago & denied him entrance because of an accident then. How can they do this? I recently married and we decided to move closer to jobs. The managers of Park have turned down 2 others for varies reasons,(they say is not my concern) We are now paying for 2 places, which is a financial hardship for us. Is there anything I can do?

subject My mom filed bankruptcy.

My mom filed bankruptcy. It went through. She was allowed to stay in the house until further low income housing was avialable.She has now passed away with no will and no power of attorney to any of her 3 children. She also had a car that was paid for. Does the contents of the house have to go through probate? If it does not what is the legal way of distrabution of the personal propery and do we have to have it appraised for value for probate.Will the car be included?
The funeral is paid for and she has a few grand in her account.