Power of Attorney Form.

Power of Attorney Form….Which one is best for my situation?
I have a 36 yr old brother who is somewhat mentally disabled (schizophrenia). He has difficulty managing his affairs on his own, and has recently moved into a personal care home. I am his only living family member (sister) here in Houston. I plan to seek legal guardianship in the near future, however, at this immediate time, I am interested in obtaining ”Power of Attorney” so I can help him resolve some financial issues that occurred (he incurred) w/ his bank/other organizations (i.e., Fiesta) while he was in and out of the psych centers of several different hospitals over the past 3 mos. Although notices were sent to him from his bank, he did not receive them due to his being in the hospital; hence, b/c of his non-response, ”amounts due” have since been turned over to a collection agency. I would like to try and help him in resolving this issue. MY QUES: I understand I need to obtain Power of Attorney in order to even talk w/ the bank/collection agencies about this issue. I’ve noticed there is both a ”General” Power of Attorney & also a ”Durable” Power of Attorney form online I can download from the Internet (for a small fee). Which one of these forms is most appropriate for my situation? Anything else I need to be aware of? TY.

mobile home foreclosure, seeking amount due My husband and I owned a mobile…

mobile home foreclosure, seeking amount due
My husband and I owned a mobile home in Oklahoma. We received word that my husband was being transferred in his job. We immediately put our home up for sale. However, the home did not sell in time. We had to move out to Texas for the new job in July of ’04. Not knowing what to do, I had to just mail the house keys to the finance company, explaining our situation. They did resell the mobile home for approximately half of what was still owed on it. We were sent a letter on 8/’05 stating the balance due of $19,802.86. Not having the funds to repay any of this, we did nothing. We received another letter, dated 10/’06 reminding us of the deficiency. Under Texas laws, are they able to seize properties or take money from paychecks in an attempt to collect this debt?

Grandma I took in my grandmother three months ago; she is 92.

I took in my grandmother three months ago; she is 92. I have power of attorney. She has liquidated her estate and has transferred all monies to me. As her health is deteriorating we want to move her into a nursing home. I have been told that unless her assets were liquidated or transferred for at least three years prior to her entering the nursing home that she will not be eligible for medicare or medicaid. Is this correct?

No will Two years ago, my mother-in-law (Pat) died after a lengthy illness.

No will
Two years ago, my mother-in-law (Pat) died after a lengthy illness. She made her wishes known, although not legally, that her husband, Walter, was to have everything she owned and upon his passing, her 3 remaining children would inheriet her posessions.

15 years prior, Pat’s sister (Jo) sold her 15 acres of her land in Grand Saline. She moved a mobile home in and lived there until her death. Now, to the problem., Aunt Jo does not like the way Walter’s family has moved in like ”white trailor trash” and she is going to make them move?! She is, as we speak, having the land appraised so she will know how to fill in the check! She has ruled ”the family” for years since her Mother’s death and believes she can bully her way through this as well. She assumptiously dictates orders to the point that Walter is to the point to give up. He has no place to go and this is his only home. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated! (No, it’s really not funny!! lol)

Thanking you in advance for you assistance in this matter,

No will.

No will. One son has power of attorney.
My husband’s father recently died in Texas. The oldest son in Texas has Power of Attorney. He says there is no will. He is not offering any info about the estate. Does my husband & his sister have any rights to his estate? Does Power of Attorney give him the right to everything? We are not talking about a big inheritance.