Bill of Sale but no Title?

Bill of Sale but no Title?!?
I purchased a car from an individual. We wrote up and signed a bill of sale from She did not have the title at the time as it was being reissued in her name from the DMV. I paid her $1500 the day the bill of sale was signed. I took possession of the car two days later but did not apply for a new title. We had agreed that she would sign over the title when she received it in the mail. Well, not only has she not signed over the title, but she has taken the car off of my property and hid the car in an undisclosed location. How/what do I do to get my car back and can I file any criminal charges against her? Any insight would be appreciated and helpful.

Getting out of a lease A month ago I signed a lease for my apartment in salt…

Getting out of a lease
A month ago I signed a lease for my apartment in salt lake city, Utah. I did not realize upon signing the lease that there was no air conditioning in the unit. Ten days after having lived in the apartment, a representative for the owner came by and inspected the apartment. He said that he would get the air fixed in the apartment. I have made several calls to the agency that rented the unit to me, and they have told me that they are working on it, and I still have no air conditioning. Aside from this, I am being transferred (for my job) to another state. I have a six month lease and have paid two of the six months so far. There are no terms in the lease agreement concerning breaking the lease. Will either of the two previously mentioned reasons be enough for me to break the contract without having to pay the full amount in rent?