Title Transfer Wish to transfer title of property reg’d ex-husband and myself…

Title Transfer
Wish to transfer title of property reg’d ex-husband and myself to new husband and myself. I hold a Power of Attorney from ex regarding this property. Is it a Quitclaim Deed form I use and can I complete this myself here in Canada and forward to the Circuit Court in Florida?

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    While a Quit Claim is the proper instrument, I suggest that you consult with a real estate attorney in Florida to properly prepare it for you. There are serious tax consequences for you if the Quit Claim is not recorded properly with necessary language placed on the face of the instrument. The Quit Claim Deed must be properly executed pursuant to Florida law in order to be valid. Further, the Power of Attorney must also be executed in the required format and recorded at the time of the Quit Claim Deed in order for the Deed to have any validity.

    Information on your deed should be give about a divorce if appropriate to save on documentary stamps now and avoid a change in your property tax assessment later. Additionally, you will also need a DR-219 to file with the Quit Claim Deed. The nominal fee that an attorney will charge is nothing compared to the cost of correcting an error that may not be found until later.

    This will save you money not only now at the time of the recording of the deed, but also later when property taxes are assessed.

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    If POA is dated after divorce decree, and is specific to that property, and the property is not oyjrtwise devised. Let me know if you need assistance.

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    Suggest you use Title Company in County you will file in. They will also want to see the POA.

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