where can I find legal help I have filed a complaint against the mobile home…

where can I find legal help
I have filed a complaint against the mobile home park I use to live in. I am sueing for personal property loss and for the inconvience they caused me. An electrical fire totally destroyed my home of 15 yrs. fire marshall report stated in was caused by electrical equipment failure which is the mobile home parks responsibility to keep in proper working condition. count one was negliance, count two was premises liablility. which I was told had a three years filing limitation. all my physical evidences is gone just pictures that were taken at the time of the fire. Plus years of letters written to the mobile home park disputing the out of range electrical bills. My problem is I am having great difficulty finding a lawyer to help me. I called the Orange County bar association twice and they said no one could help me. Now the mobile home company of course has responded to the complaint. And i am not trying to be a lawyer but I am on social security disability and do not have any money. And I know I can’t win my case with out an attorney. Is there any hope or help that I might find to assist me. or will I loose because I don’t have enough money to fight them. Please try I have to be back in court on Dec. 2, 2008 thank you for your time.

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    I am very sorry to hear of your loss, and the troubles you have been through. Unfortunately, my firm is not in a position to assist you on a pro-bono basis, and frankly we work with a lot of park owners, so it is possible I would have a conflict of interests. With respect to the claim, you need to examine where exactly did the fire originate. The park is only responsbile for the electrical system’s infrastructure up to the pedestal. After that, including the conduit and wire connecting the home to the pedestal, it is entirely the resident’s responsibility. I’m not trying to dissuade you from pursuing your action, but its really unlikely that the fire started in the pedestal and managed to burn your home down. It is much more likely that the fire was caused by an electrical short in the home wiring system, unless you can prove that the system was somehow overloading your home (i.e., the circuit breakers in the pedestal were malfunctioning). Because of the way pedestals are constructed, its more likely that your electrical bills were high because of a short or electrical malfunction on your side of the pedestal than in the pedestal itself. I’d suggest that you call two law firms – both in San Diego – and maybe one can present you pro-bono, or on a contingency fee basis. First firm is Singer Law Firm, the second is Endeman, Lincoln, Turek & Heater, LLP. Both firms represent residents who live in mobile home parks. If the names are stripped out of this post by LawGuru – email me directly and I’ll give you the referrals. Good luck.

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    Mr. Gibbs has provided you with very valuable information. If you would like to speak with an attorney further, our office is located in San Diego. I would be happy to review your case if you feel it is a matter you would still like to pursue. We often arrange alternative fee arrangements that may be of assistance to you. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.

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