Where’s Dad’s Assets?

Where’s Dad’s Assets?
My deceased father never had to worry about money,but now my sister(ex.of estate)says he was about broke at time of death.(He was not broke in Feb., but he is in Aug.) She has not shown us (the beneficiaries)any proof of his assets, and will not tell us his net worth.He also had a boat that was given to him for free, and now after the reading of the will, she tells us, ”oh, by the way, I bought the boat from dad before he died, and I have a bill of sale to prove it”but has not disclosed it to us.Is this legal? How do we know what his assets were? I received an acknoledgement of service and assent to probate instanter AND Testamentary Guardian and/or Testamentary Conservator Consent to serve. Do I sign them? This sister also said my father drove himself to the bank & ”took care of his banking” before he died. Although I find this hard to believe considering he was not even to be left alone.All .important papers my dad kept in his firesafe boxes have suddenly dissapeared from their safekeeping.What are the beneficiaries rights?Can someone be held liable for writing checks from his acct while he was alive without ”legal permission”(but MAYBE vebal) to do so?He had a will dividing all equally.HELP! We are at war!

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    It appears that someone found the will and opened the estate. I would guess your sister hired an attorney who prepared those documents you received.The attorney represents the ex. of the estate. However, as a beneficiary you are entitled to an accounting and to examine your fathers financial affairs.I would suggest you not sign any documents until you better understand whats going on in this estate.If you would like to talk to me call me as I am in the office now or send me a e-mail later.It looks like you have alot questions/problems right now.

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