Which Legal Form Do I Need?

Which Legal Form Do I Need?
I’m not sure which form may be most appropiate through ”FindLegalForms.com”
Heres my situation:
I would like my family sign perhaps one of the forms from the website so I can sleep better at night.
In a nutshell:
Dad passed away, left an unfair trust with greedy trustee which gave undue influence. (can’t proove it)
86 yr. old mother with sound mind agrees with me and is willing to counter weight my short comings from my dad’s trust into her trust/will.
Would like a certain form for my siblings to sign (2 bad apples out of eight children) so they won’t manipulate my mother after we agree on a compensation. I know a trust is solid but somthing I may need in the future if I need to contest it from further undue influence.
What forms I found that might be relavent are:
Indemnity Agreement
General Affidavit
& General Declaration
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Re: Which Legal Form Do I Need?
    Forms can acceptable but you need to understand what you are getting.
    These are pre-packaged documents that do not take into account any special circumstance
    or non-routine needs. Invariably, all but the simplest of estates require tailoring. Your situation appears to require more than boiler plate forms.

    Also important is acquiring legal advice on estate matters. There are a host of concerns that
    often arise and may not have been addressed since they were not known. In your situation, it appears that this has occurred previously. Attorney assistance will avoid this from occurring prospectively.

    You can supplement use of forms through self-education
    but please understand that it takes a considerable investment of time and energy to acquire proficiency and, even so,
    you may not be able to properly address the matters requiring attention. Simply put, there is no substitute for quality legal advice and service.

    I am not indicating that you should use a form. My suggestion is that you acquire the service of an attorney. Having matters addressed properly is invaluable.

    Should you require my assistance, I can be reached at
    (410) 799-9002 or by return e-mail.

    G. Joseph Holthaus III
    Law Offices of G. Joseph Holthaus
    2255 Daniels Road
    Ellicott City, MD 21043

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