Appeal Is it worth it to file for an appeal for $11,000.

Is it worth it to file for an appeal for $11,000.00. If so approximately how much would it cost to file an apopeal. The apeal may be an winner, because there was no contract oral or written involving a gift given during the course of an nine month relationship, a car bought. Relationship ended, and the individual said it wasn’t a gift. He won in Civil court stating it was a loan instead of a gift. I have all relevant information to prove that he bought the car. The only thing he does have is the certified check paying for the car. I have the title, bill of sale, and all other papers to the car. Is it worth to file the appeal, and sue him for perjury perhaps.

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    The answer depends upon the complexity of the case. If the case is not too complex, then writing and prosecuting the appeal should not be too time-consuming, which is how attorneys generally base their fees. Of course, there is still the costs of the appeal — apart from the legal fees, such as copying costs, etc.– which should play a role.

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