Broken lease agreement,maint.

Broken lease agreement,maint. not being done
In the brochure for the apartments that i moved into, it was clearly stated that a washer/dryer was imcluded in EVERY apartment.that was a major factor in my choosing this apartment.I was assured that the apartment was ready to be moved into.I moved into the apartment on 9/03/05 and found that the apartment was not even close to being move-in ready, even though they were given two [2] weeks notice of our move in . The day i moved-in, there was no washer/dryer,refridgerator,stove,dishwasher or disposal in the apartment. the heat and air-conditioning was not working apartment has been flooded [3] three times, with very minimal clean-up afterwords.My brother and his wife and children moved into the sane apartment complex as me,on the same day as me.We have made numerous complaints to the management, to no avail. WE have both asked for the manager bosses name and number,but were refused numerous times.We have found the info. on the internet and contacted the owner with our complaints. We were told that things would change and our problems would be fixed asap, but still, nothing at all has been done. My question is ”what kind of recourse do we have? ” and also, ”can we sue ?”

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    A letter from an attorney with real estate law experience might help.
    I have 25 years experience as a landlord and attorney.
    You may have to sue, but a demand letter might get their attention.

    David Anderson
    Mahoney Anderson LLC
    P.O. Box 44504
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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