Can a landlord put a “governor” on the thermostat?

Can a landlord put a “governor” on the thermostat? Our landlord put a regulator on the thermostat and we cannot turn the airconditioner down past a certain temperature. The airconditioning unit was replaced this past February and have had problems with it. The unit has froze up and shut down in hot weather. The vents have water droplets that collect and drop onto people or the floor. We have complained to the landlord about the unit breaking down, she calls the people who have installed it and blames us for the unit breaking. We have told her about the water, and the now mold from the water. We do not have a lease, the landlord wanted to go month to month after a year. My sister is afraid she will evict us if we cause to many waves.

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  1. Do you pay utilities? If not, that’s probably why they have done that. If you are month to month tenant, then either party (landlord or tenant) can terminate the tenancy upon 15 days notice. I might consider finding another place to live.

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