Can I be given 30 days notice?

Can I be given 30 days notice?
I have a rental lease agreement expiring Dec. 1st. My landlord had an attorney send a letter that I had to vacate premises in 30 days due to sale of house. In my lease agreement it says no such thing if house is sold. I am a single working mother with two girls 11 and 12. I feel I am being threatened and harassed. What are my rights? What can I do stop landlord from pressuring me? Thank You!

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  1. Re: Can I be given 30 days notice?
    It sounds as though you are right and your
    landlord is wrong. The lease should take
    precedence over the notice, regardless of
    sale, with the new owner taking title subject
    to the terms of the lease. I would drop
    a note to the landlord reminding him of
    this rule of law. But I would not expect
    that the lease would be renewed.

    Garry Hanlon
    Garry Stephen Hanlon, Esq.
    Rochester, NY 00000

  2. Re: Can I be given 30 days notice?
    Presuming that you have a written lease, the landlord must abide by it. Are you sure that the Lease doesn’t have a termination clause? If you have further questions, call me at 516-780-0270.

    Dan Blumenthal
    Berkman Henoch Peterson & Peddy
    100 Garden City Plaza
    Garden City, NY 11530-2112

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    A landlord can issue a 30 day notice to quit ONLY if there is no written lease, otherwise there can only be an eviction for cause, i.e. nonpayment of rent, etc., in which case a 3 day notice is required and then a Petition and Notice of Petition must be served on the tenant with reasons for the eviction requiring the tenant to appear in Court or lose by default. If your rent is paid up and you have not caused any breach of the Lease, you have every right to stay until the expiration of your Lease term.

    Philip Schnabel
    Schnabel Law Office
    33 Schnabel Lane
    Chester, NY 10918

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