contract a sole proprietor beauty salon owner dies.

a sole proprietor beauty salon owner dies. A 2 year old contract for monthly advertising whas in effect at the death. The salon closes for a short period. The owners daughter chagnges the name and signs a new rental lease and reopens the slon. Is the advetsing contract still valid? Can the daughter be held liable?

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    A qualified maybe. You have provided very minimal information and it is hard to voice any real opinion. Simply changing the name will not avoid the charges due under the contract. If you assumed the business, then you may be held liable by a court for the obligations of the business.

    If it is an entirely new business including with a new name, new telephone number, new equipment, new lease, etc., you might be able to prove to the court if a suit is filed that you have no responsibility and thus escape liability. If you are using the same name and telephone number and thus obtaining the benefit of the contract, I think you may have a problem.

    I would strongly suggest that you consult with an attorney who can review exactly what transpired and advise you as to your legal rights and obligations.

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