auto purchase i purchased a car on june 10 2003.

auto purchase
i purchased a car on june 10 2003. Iwent to pick it up in Penn. on the 16th of june. The dealership fedexed me all of the copies of paperwork that i needed to get the car registered in Florida. 3 weeks later they called me and said that the bank would not do the loan. I called and asked and was told that due to me changing employers that the bank would now not finance the loan. as i did what i was to what can i do. I want the car and will pay for it but what legal rights do I have. I have the title with the lien holder and noterized bill of sale with signed contracts. please guide me as to what I can and need to do.

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    You should have waited for loan approval before purchasing the car. It appears you need to find financing immediately. It is a money problem, not a legal problem. Of course, if you do not pay the seller of the vehicle soon, you will likely have a legal problem in the near future. Without reviewing all of the documents relating to the deal, I cannot provide you with any additional guidance.

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