do i need a lawyer?

do i need a lawyer?
3 years ago,w/out a laywer and in order to save money, i drew up lease agreement with party who wanted to rent my building and buy it in 3 years. he has been an excellent tenant and has always paid his rent on time. he is ready to purchase bldg. in july and i am ready to sell. sale price has been agreed upon…we have been receiving set amount for down payment each month. everything is in order and i see no glitches. Do i have to have a lawyer present at the closing as everything is very cut and dried and i would like to save the money now also? He does have a lawyer and she will be present. please advise…………Thankyou

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    If the price and terms are all agreed to, you may not need a lawyer, but there are some formalities you have to address and adjustments for taxes, utilities & things. Is there a mortgage which has to be released? Are you aware of the conveyance taxes you will owe to the town and state? There aren’t many things to worry about, but for the lousy $400 or so for the lawyer, I wouldn’t risk it.

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