Evicition from home This is a very complicated case.

Evicition from home
This is a very complicated case. My wife and I moved from one state to another and thought that we were on a lease with someone else. Well come to find out we were 6 days late on our rent and the land lord gave us an eviction notice and a no trespassing notice all int the same day. They would not allow us to pick up our belongings from the house. This went on for 2 weeks before we finally got our stuff back. We singed in on a lease with another couple, but being that we didn’t sign on the back and on the bottom, we technically didn’t have a lease agreement with them. Once the Land lord realized what had happened, he tried to throw it off as us ”subletting” with the couple that was primary on the lease. Here’s the kicker, in the lease it plainly states that there is to be no subletting of the property. What kind of advice could you possibly give me to get back the 2 weeks that my family and I were out on the street without anything at all to our possession. If I were to take them to court, what could I do to stop this man from doing this to someone else’s family. Thank you in advance!!

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    I have only this question: Why is Mitchell Roth, a California based attorney who apparently has no Virginia license to practice law, responding to a Virginia state law inquiry involving landlord-tenant issues that in no way implicate California law?

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    To properly advise you, it would be best to have an attorney review the document you signed.

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    By “this man” I assume you mean the person who sublet to you contrary to his lease agreement and without the consent of the landlord. If so, you can 1) report the matter to the police to investigate for criminal larceny, i.e. taking money under false pretenses, and 2. Sue the man in small claims court.

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