harassment by landlord in aug.

harassment by landlord
in aug. my new landlord took over. immed. he told me no more use of yard, and to get all my things out of the basement. he also said no lease, we’ll discuss it again in jan.i agreed only so as to not start a conflict. he has now asked me to vacate the attic which was always part of my apt. i said no. he sent me a notice to quit. since then, i’ve had vanalism to my car, he refuses to fix thing in need of repair, attempted to break into my home when i’m not there more then once, and has file charges of harassment against me without cause, locked me out of the basement, and stolen my mail. what to do? i can’t afford a lawyer. i have sent messages to his lawyer to tell him to service my furnace, stop trying to enter my home, get me a separate mail box,& to remove the school bus he has parked illegally in the driveway blocking the exit and a common alleyway. the bus is a zoning violation which i went to the town about but they have done nothing. we are quite tenants who have put up with his constant remodeling at all hours of the day and night and feel that the harassment is on his part, trying to get us to move out so he can renovate, split up the home into more apt. units. i need help and don’t know where to go. thanks

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    you may withhold your rent money and deposit it with the court after the LL files a non payment of rent action against you to force the ll to make the repairs. you must notify the LL immediately in writing, send CMRRR and reg. mail, of the repairs you require. you may qualify to have Legal Services in the county you reside in represent you

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