the buyers are trying to get out of contract can they?

the buyers are trying to get out of contract can they?
We are under contract on our home. We had the attroney review (which is a 3 day process) and on that Monday after review i got a call from my realtor telling me the buyers want to back out of the contract. My realtor told them no cuz we were under contract. So they pulled in a homeinspector. A few things came up (both cosmetic and not, but nothing majo) and i agreed to fix everything on there except for a few small cosmetic issues. They came back and said that was unacceptable and that they went out. Again we told them no because we are under contract. They have an approval from their mortgage co and only have about 3 items left to get per their mortageg co and they will have commitment. But they told the mortgage co not to move on cuz they were not buying. Then we go the last letter i recieved from them said they wanted out, they wanted their deposit money back ($1,000), they told their landlord to renew their rental agreement, and then attacked my realtor for not being able to sell my home and that is why i am giving them a hard time. There is so much back and forth and i need to know what my rights are. They are under contract, don’t they have to continue on with the buying of my home? what about the depsoit they keep asking 4?

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    It sounds like you MIGHT be able to force the sale to go through, but I can not say for sure. And you will need to show all the papers to an attorney to get an answer to your question.

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