Hello.My question is that I mistakingly rented my house to some people that now wont pay rent and I was wanting to know how can I get them out of my house without spending alot of money which I dont have because I recently lost my job and now am on the verge of foreclosure on the property if I cant get them out and get the house re-rented soon.We had no lease agreement just a verbal month to month and the last they paid rent was July 31st 2009 and refused to pay again for another month on August 31st telling me that different things were broken at the house like the central air and the roof is leaking and since I cant afford to fix the problems unless they make mortgage payment they wont pay.Now they do have two very small children living there and I dont know how the law works when children are involved.All I know is I NEED them out ASAP to try and save my family from bankruptcy and my children having a mother with ruined credit.Im a single Mom and Im taking care of my disabled mother whos name is also on the mortgage.These people I thought I could trust because I worked with them and they only moved in June 29th 2009.Any answers or advice would be so GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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  1. The only way to get a tenant out is by evicting them. That requires giving a specific notice in a specific manner. If you don’t do it right, then you may have to do it again (and again) until you get it right. All that time, they will be in the house.

    You can read about the procedures online, but you may save money in the end by hiring an attorney to represent you. You mention about the tenant saying that things are broken – an attorney can also evaluate whether those facts will effect the eviction process.

    By the way, if you want to see Hollywood’s take on a nightmare tenant, rent the film “Pacific Heights.”

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