Hello, I have been dealing with a debt collector for a car loan.

Hello, I have been dealing with a debt collector for a car loan. I cosigned for car payment for my son and he has defaulted on the car loan. And refuses to pay for it. He has moved out of state and has made their reposession of the car even more difficult. I have however become disabled in the last 2 years and am now receiving disability SSD.

I am unable to make the 450 dollar a month car payments required. And the bank has threatened to sue to me. I have attempted to work with the bank to pay what I can but the bank is unsatisfied. Last month the bank told them if I payed them “500” dollars for 2 back payments they would cease and desist from legal actions.

However even after making that payment they have sent me a legal notice saying that they will be taking me to court if I cannot come up to 960 dollars by the 10th. Which they said they would not do. I was willing to work with the bank to what I could afford but they not satisfied with the results.

All I own is my mobile home. And I am scared to death that I will lose it if I get taken to court. I can’t file for bankruptcy for another year so I don’t know what to do. I have no assets other than my home and I am unable to work at this point. The bank is ignoring my son who is also on SSD and coming straight for me. In a year I do intend to file for bankruptcy but I have no choice until then. What options do I have?

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  1. Call Kathi Rawls/Carrie McNeer in Moore. She does this type of work and should be able to help you.
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