Collections I had a judgment against me in 2/2002.

I had a judgment against me in 2/2002. I was evicted after a pay cut due to 9/11. I deposited the rent & late charges with the court cashier prior to entering the court room. I was ordered to pay attorney fees and court costs totaling $605. I had a $400 security deposit with the rental company and then paid $260 by check which totals $660. The problem, the rental company combined the court judgment with the move-out expenses. They refuse to enter a satisfaction of judgment until all expenses are paid. The judgment does not include move-out charges or interest. I am in collections now and they are charging interest not covered by the rental agreement or judgment. I am also disputing the move-out charges due to obvious billing errors. I don’t know what to do now since the collection agency is now ignoring me after they were provided proof.

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    You would probably enjoy reviewing a website called budhibbs dot com.

    The judgment is the judgment related to the eviction, not the alleged damage to the place – I bet from what you are saying that the judgment is for past due rent, attorney fees and costs, and that’s IT. There is likely no judgment for damage, and they had better have given you a satisfaction. if they did not give you a satisfaction for what you paid into the court registry, you should consider re-opening to deal with the alleged damage issues.

    If you need to dispute the move out damages they are now alleging, you can file in small claims to get your money back – and there is a provision for double damages.

    Bud Hibbs has a link to The National Association of Consumer Attorneys. See who is local and who can help you. Or, talk to Northwest Justice and see if they can refer you.

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