I have a lease dispute question.

I have a lease dispute question. I signed a 1 year lease for my business and was allowed to move my desks in 1 month early. The economy tanked and with it my business. I went to notify not renewing my lease and was told I’m too late, you moved your desks a month early and the lease backdated and reuped another year. I did not pay rent for that month and it is not included in the 1 year lease. I didn’t give my notice and it says the lease auto renews in this 1 and a half page lease. Have to close business and can’t afford lease, I didn’t resign anything and have read in some states it goes month to month with no new signature, is that right? I live in South Dakota. I can’t find where to apply for hardship either. I have no job or money and the job I will have to take is 69 miles from the office. I already lost the business because I was not allowed to move to a cheaper office and my house is next followed by my law enforcement dream. Is what he did right and can I file for hardship? Thank you

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