I have lived in a mobile home park for the past 6 years.

I have lived in a mobile home park for the past 6 years. During this time my wife has had a small set of wind chimes outside the screened in porch. Again, We have lived here for 6 years , and the wind chimes have been up for about 3 years. Recently we just had new neighbors purchase the home next to us. We recieved a call from the Manager of the park that the new neighbors complained that the wind chimes kept them up at night and that we had to take them down. Again , they had been up for 3 years and no complaints until now. As i drive thruogh the community i notice that many of the residents have wind chimes hanging from their porch area . Just as we did. Is cleary DOES NOT STATE anywhere in the community rules and regs that you are not allowd to have wind chimes up. Yet iIwas forced to take mine down , yet other residents still have theirs in place. Is This legal ? Discrimination ? Thank You For Your Time … I look forward to your reply .. Joe S

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  1. I think common sense should dictate here. Just because no one complained of the noise before doesn’t mean anything (maybe the previous neighbors were deaf?). Just because it doesn’t state in the rules that you may not have wind chimes doesn’t mean anything — I bet the rules say you cannot make disruptive noise. Do you really want to make enemies with your new neighbors over wind chimes?? Perhaps a friendly resolution — you hang your wind chimes up during the day and take them down at night? Perhaps you put up a silent decoration like a nice hanging plant?

    Sarah Grosse
    Sarah Grosse, Esquire
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