My name is Brynn I was located in West Yarmouth and am having some issues with…

My name is Brynn I was located in West Yarmouth and am having some issues with my roommate. I moved into the apartment February 12, and received a text message on March 2, stating that I have one day to move all of my belongings out. I rented a uhaul and moved everything out on March 5th, they are currently looking to get $1050 plus $600 for the 2 weeks that I was in the house. I never signed a lease agreement and was told that rent is $450 a month and now they are looking to get $1650. I wrote them a check for $600, which was February rent plus utilities, it wasn’t able to be cashed because of lack of funds, however I was forced into writing the check because they wouldn’t let me get my belongings out of the house until I wrote them a check. Now they want to go to the police and say I gave them a fraudulent check.They wouldn’t even let me get to my belongings for a week before all of this happened because they tried to withhold my belongings, it took me calling the Yarmouth Police Department to get legal advice from them about the situation. Now they sent a letter to my father demanding money from him, this is getting absolutely ridiculous and need some legal help and advice. Can someone please contact me and help me? I can’t afford a lawyer to help me in court and they are about to drain me out of $1650 for 2 weeks of living which is more then ridiculous! Is it legal for them to do this? to kick me out and try and charge me with all of this? Please someone help me out and give me some legal advice.

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  1. If you had no lease and they asked you to leave after two weeks and you did then they are entitled to the value of the two weeks and utilities. You don’t say why you were asked to leave, and that may be important.

    Who is they? the roommates or the landlord? the roommates have no real basis to claim much of anything other than rent and utilities if that was the deal.

    As to writing your father, he is not on the lease and he has no responsbility and such action could be considered a form of tort.

    Contact the county bar association. I am sure they have a legal service that you can use and afford.

    by the way, utering and publishing is a crime if you knew the check was no good and you were paying for something someone was owed. Giving a check to get your own goods back is not a crime when they had no right to keep them.

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