notice to quit In PA.

notice to quit
In PA. notice to quit are supposed to be mailed CERTIF- IED. Since when did our judicial send police to hand deliver notice to quit. Has the law in PA. changed where polic can take te place of lower courts. ”if tenant breaks any lease, each tenant agrees to give up the right to have a notice to leave, also known as notice to quit. The landlord may file a lawsuit in COURT asking for a COURT ORDER evicting the tenant[s] from the leased property.” The landlord can only evict tenant by court action. Is this the law? If not then what is..?

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    Probably who delivered the notice to quit was not the police, but a constable. A person may choose to have a constable serve legal papers and other process. The person would have to pay the constable out of their own pocket, so the judicial system is not paying for it.

    Yes, an eviction may only be by court order. The notice to quit is required in order to file in court. Even though tenants “waive” the notice to quit, in the case you’re describing they provided it anyway.

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