Can PG&E refuse to turn on services?

Can PG&E refuse to turn on services?
My roommate has not been living in our apartment we share for over 2 months. I pay the rent, he pays the electric and gas/water. The rental contract was in his name, and recently got changed over in my name. The electric/gas and water are in his name. I went to PG&E a week ago today for services to be turned on, with a $150.00 deposit and faxing the rental agreement along with my license and S.S. card. I was told that I would be turned on. A call came in today from PG&E stating I was declined services. I work full time in pipeline, in 100* heat and need the electric going to run my air conditioner and cook my meals. With being refused services from this large company, do I have a claim of some sort? I need my electric to survive! Please advise me what to do..thank you…

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    You are welcome.

    Read your PG&E bill carefully. Then file a complaint through the Public Utilities Commission in Sacramento. Said instructions are on your bill.

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    Why were you ultimately denied services? I would keep calling back until you find a rep or supervisor who will help you. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of perseverance & hanging in there until you find someone at the utility company who is smarter than the one before. Never take no for an answer. Keep calling back. Unless there is another punch line to your story, you’ll eventually find someone to help you.

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