Rent Increase – Retroactive?

Rent Increase – Retroactive?
This is a complicated situation – 1) I currently rent a house owned and operated by my employer; however, it is not part of my employment agreement. 2) The written lease agreement is on a month-to-month basis, and entered into as an incident to my employment. 3) The rent for the term of the lease is $412.50/month and is paid through payroll deduction. 4) I was notified on 10/15/02 that a ”scheduled rent increase” became effective 10/1/02, and that this was ”the final scheduled increase over a three year period.” 5) I was never notified of this scheduled increase, nor the previous two increases. 6) This ”schedule” was never a provision of the original agreement.

What, if anything, can I do?

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    It sounds very strange. But if your lease agreement is only a month to month then it sounds like the employer can change the agreement at the beginning of the month. If you do not agree to the price then you should probably move. Good luck.

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