security deposit 1.

security deposit
1. My tenant currently has a month-to-month lease. The apartment is on market now. Per our lease agreement Landlord may show the apartment to possible buyers(at reasonable hours).I am out of state. My tenant failes to
cooperate with my broker.
2. On Janury 15 I sent(cirtified mail) to my tenant written notice of termination with 30 days prior notice and asked him to vacate the apartment on February 28.
He sent me a check – February payment.I have not deposit it yet. My broker explained if I accept this check the tenant supposed to vacate the apartment only on March 31.
Per my understanding security depost is not considered as a monthly payment. It is like a damage security… will be
returned after inspection.

Thanks, for your response and for your time.

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  1. Re: security deposit
    If you accept the check you create a new monthly tenancy period and will not be able to vactate the tenant prior to March 31.

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