used car deals gone bad I have 2 bill of sales on 2 different vehicles I…

used car deals gone bad
I have 2 bill of sales on 2 different vehicles I couldn’t get financed drove both of them for a week each, had to agree to buy a vehicle or lose 3800.00 doen payment the new contract is in my husbands and my name but I am the only one who has signed, is it still a binding contract? I have also had the vehicle in the shop 2 times in 2 weeks for the same problem

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    If your husband did not sign, it is probably not binding on him. It is binding upon you.

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    If you signed it, you have a contract. Your husband does not, however. You are probably “stuck” though.

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    The contract is probably binding upon you although it may not be binding upon your husband. You should review this matter with a qualified attorney to determine if you have any right to return the vehicle if that is your wish due to the failure to obtain financing.

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