What does Hold Harmless Mean?

What does Hold Harmless Mean?
Ex-wife Changing custody agreement because she is moving out of state. Had some papers drawn up by her attorney. Just concerned about what ”Hold Harmless” means in the context of the paperwork. Does it mean that I have to pay for legal fees of my Ex-wife Now and any further legal action?

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    It is impossible to answer your question with reviewing the documents. Consult with a local attorney.

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    I would have no idea what it means in the context of your agreementw ithout reviewing it. I doubt any other lawyer would, either. Generally speaking, “hold harmless” means one will not hold the other liable for certain acts or damages. But in the context of your agreement, I have no idea.

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    Hold harmless language usually would relate to future litigation, sometimes over debts. There is no way to answer the question without reading the whole agreement. It’s pretty inexpensive to get a document reviewed by our office, and in the case of a domestic agreement, it would be foolish to sign one without doing that. You’ll find contact information for our office, should you wish to do that, at http://www.glenashman.com .

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