Divorce Decree & Quit Claim I divorced in 1999.

Divorce Decree & Quit Claim
I divorced in 1999. My ex and I agreed that I would sell the house and divide any earnings. After the house was on the market for awhile, I noticed it wasn’t selling. I remarried and decided to keep the house. The ex was fine with it and signed a quit claim deed. Before the divorce my ex moved out leaving me with the loan. I got behind on some of the payments. I workout the behind payments with the loan company, but its keeping me from refinancing and taking my ex name off of the loan. She is now trying to forced me to sell. Can she do that? And is there another way to get her off the loan?

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    If she signed a quitclaim deed, I don’t see how she can force you to sell. Maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Consult a local attorney who can review all the pertinent docs.

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