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    This is a simple reply. The living wills are generally what the doctors and hospitals give you to fill out should something happen to you while you are there. It provides for you to mark whether or not you want to have life-support measures to be used. I do not recommend them any more because it leaves a lot of discretion to the doctor and to the hospital. I recommend the Advanced Health Care Directive as put forth by the Missouri Bar Association. This allows you to name the person or persons you want to have the final decision on whether life support measures should be taken and under what circumstances. Generally I have my clients name family members or very close friends that they have or can talk to and explain exactly what they want to happen under certain circumstances. It also allows for certain things not to happen – i.e. no blood transfusions, etc. The directive gives more control to the person making it out and less discretion to the hospital or doctor. I hope this helps.

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