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We are currently on a month to month after out lease was up this year on our apartment. We recently had some new neighbors move in downstairs from us and their kids stay up all night even on school nights on average till about 2:00 am. We have made multiple call complaining about the noise to the mananger but the problem still persists. There is a 10:30 pm quiet time rule in our lease. It will be too expensive for us to move right now and we dont want to leave the area! Is there anything that we can do?

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    You may be able to obtain relief from the housing court division of the Superior Court. You have to give 21 days notice of the complaint to the municipal agency which enforces the housing code. You also have to deposit the rent with the Superior Court along with your notice of action/complaint after the 21 day notice requirement has been met. A hearing will then be scheduled.

    My hunch is that if you go through the initial steps of this process, the landlord would most likely and hopefully, resolve the problem.

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