apt. Share
can landlord move as roommate since
month to month is not willing to pay
the full rent, only her share. Also she
is not looking for anyone to share, she
wants me to find her room mates that
she aproves. What is her rights and
what is the landlords? Should I go
ahead and send her a 30 days notice?
Or should I let a lawyer do the entire
procedure? Thank you

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    If I understand the question, a tenant that previously had roomates is telling you that she cannot pay the full amount of the rent. You want to know whether it is your job to find the tenant another roomate? The answer is no. Your right is to receive the full amount of the rent. Her right is to be provided an apartment that is livable.

    If you have a lawyer that can start the holdover procedure, I would use the lawyer. Landlord – tenant evictions are technical and if you do not know or understand the procedure you will run into problems.


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    It seems that it would be best in this situation to retain an experienced attorney to handle this eviction for you. We have substantial experience handling these types of cases, however, we would need some more information before making a complete and proper determination. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

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