commercial lease month to month I have been in a lease for 15+ years.

commercial lease month to month
I have been in a lease for 15+ years. 9 months ago my lease expired and I assume I am now month to month. My landlord did not inform me of this. I located a new location to move to (new construction) and when I thought I was going to move, I gave 30 days written notice to the property manager (who also happens to be the law office manager of the landlord). I was unable to move when expected and notified the manager again, in person and in writing that I would be leaving. I have now vacated the premises and cleaned the space. A walkthrough was performed with the building super. I have now received notice from the landlord that I did not give notice so I am responsible for 2 more months rent and several thousand dollars of repairs (including repainting). I have maintained the property independently for 15+ years. I have always dealt with the law office manager on issues regarding the property. My question is…do I have to notify the landlord directly or, as has been the case for 15+ years, can I give written notice to the office manager? Also, am I responsible for repainting and refinishing the floors ($5,200)?

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    You are getting rough treatment. You should consult an attorney, and get some advice.

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