contesting a will.

contesting a will.
MY sons father recently passed away. He had a large inheritance that was lef tin a trust as well as a living will. He has two children one with me the oldest 9yrs and one with another women 7yrs old. NEither of us were married. If he left one of the mother NEXT OF KIN and did not include the children can it be contested.

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    Your son may have a right to part of his father’s estate, but you need to get legal counsel as soon as possible. Was a will probated? Do you have a copy of the will? Many other questions need to be asked and answered before going forward. If we can be of further help, please call for an appointment. Good luck.

    Bernard J. Berkowitz
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    This is worth having a lawyer look at for you. Find an attorney near you who does Wills and Estates, and get some advice.

    Robert Davies
    The Davies Law Firm, P.A.
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    As Mr. Davies said, you need a wills and estates attorney. I suggest reposting your question the that forum or look in your phonebook under those topics as its outside of the family law topic.

    Jef Henninger, Esq
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    The question is whether undue influenced was exercised over a sickly and greatly weakened person so
    as to achieve a will will reflects
    the will of the person exercising the undue influence.

    Call me if you like.

    Gary Moore, Esquire
    Hackensack, New Jersey

    Gary Moore
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  5. Re: contesting a will.
    Our law firm has been involved in contesting asset or estate dispositions based on undue influence or incompetency. However, you must move quickly as evidence can disappear and witnesses recollections can fade.

    You should seek counsel as soon as possible.

    Barry Kozyra
    Kozyra & Hartz, LLC
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