DPOA for Health Care Confusion I compared Durable Power of Attorney for Health…

DPOA for Health Care Confusion
I compared Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
samples on this website and many others as well as software. They vary considerably. I want one that covers everything. I called a lawyer. He told me I could get one for $50.00 that essentially allows medical decisions and pulling the plug. However, I mentioned I would like clauses(as seen in samples)for authority to sign documents to receive medical records, sign releases, fire/hire physicians, admitting, transfering, discharging from hospital. I was told I need a more than a DPOA for HC for that and would cost around $400.00. Why is it that the samples documents(that can be purchased)contain these clauses but when I check into getting one locally they are not included? How does one know what they are getting? I’d purchase and download one of the documents online but I don’t have anyone that I can use as the 2 witnesses that are required. Really, I don’t hardly know anyone. I am a bit of a recluse. Can I hire a witness? I seeking to get a DPOA for HC for myself and another individual.

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    Your best bet is to see a lawyer. With stock forms in office supply stores, you get what you pay for and the forms may not fit Michigan law. A lawyer is able to answer your questions and tailor to your needs; a pre-printed form cannot do that. If you have any questions, please contact me at http://www.lawgreg.com or (248) 305-5840.

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    You’re a very demanding client. You don’t want to pay for it. Go to law school. William Stern

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    When you add certain paragraphs that stray from the norm, they tend to take longer, and require more thought. The finished product is greater than any form, because it is individually taylored for you. Another problem with forms is that they don’t really offer too much in the way of accountability. If you have them drafted by a professional, at least he is accountable. When it comes to estate planning, you get what you pay for. Doing it on the cheap will give you something that might work for the average joe, but not necessarily for you. What if there are certain rules or Michigan laws that might make your forms inoperable? What if you make a mistake as to the execution? All of this can be avoided by speaking with an estate planning attorney, and if he messes up, well you don’t have to worry about going after Corporation X. Do it right the first time, for more money, and there will be less cost down the road in terms of time and expense.

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