Evictions without being served?

Evictions without being served?
I want to know my rights as a tenant. I have been here four years and never signed a lease or rental agreement. What are the laws in Texas about evictions? He asked me to move and verbally gave 30 days… so he could have his house back because he needs a place to stay. Do I have to leave in 30 days? I have children and I am a single mother. Please Help. Thank you. KF

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    If you do not move, after a 30 day notice, he can then file an eviction action with the local JP office. You will then be served with the eviction notice and notice of hearing. Eventually he will be able to reclaim his property, because you have no lease which entitles to you to remain on the property while fulfilling your conditions. Forcing him to file eviction proceedings will buy you some time, but will probably not change the outcome. TCL

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