How to get name off title or retrieve car?

How to get name off title or retrieve car??
My problem is this:
Several months ago, my husband ”sold” my vehicle to his the time, my father-in-law did not or could not obtain insurance so the title was not transferred. There is no bill of sale, and I never saw any money, so I am not really sure if it was indeed ”sold”. My husband and I are now bitterly seperated, and neither he nor his family will answer any of my calls or messages concerning this vehicle. The title is in my name only, and I have been paying the insurance. The car is on his father’s private property, and I have been told that it is not running (trans).
How can I either get the title into his name, get my name off of the title to eliminate my liability or have the vehicle towed from private property?? I cannot afford to pay the insurance, but I have to keep it on since the vehicle is registered, even tho it is not running…HELP!!
I have two small children..I cannot afford to run into any trouble caused by his driving while intoxicated as he is an alcoholic…

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    If you still have the title you can transfer it to your father-in-law. The problem with doing that is you would need to turn in the plate. Which I will assume is still on the car.

    The other method would be to file a complaint with the police that the car has been stolen. Because you know where the . Assuming they would investigate your father-in-law would have to produce a bill of sale or title. He’d also have to explain the license plate on the car.

    Have you talked to PennDOT about this?

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