I purchased a car from a GA dealership.

I purchased a car from a GA dealership. I was in the market for a new car and the bill of sale from the dealership says it was a new car. I found some papers in the car with someone else’s name. This prompted me to run a CarFax on the car cause it seemed like it may have been previously owned, for those papers to be in the car. The CarFax does say there were 2 owners, I’m the 2nd owner. I have requested information from the State of Georgia for any previous title, tax or liens on my car. If I find out the car was in fact previously owned, was this not fraud on the dealer’s behalf for selling it to me as “new”? What options do I have? Thanks.

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  1. At the very least, that sounds like a breach of contract.

    If the dealership did know it was a used car and sold it to you as new, then that would also likely be fraud and you could seek punitive damages in such a situation.

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