I went to a carlot to buy a car, i was given a bill of sales form .

I went to a carlot to buy a car, i was given a bill of sales form . a purchase order form, to sign. i was given the car to drive while the car was in the process of being financed. i picked the car up on the 19th of dec. i returned twice before i finally returned the car on jan 1th 2010.,doing all this time he could not get the car financed,but became angry when i gave him back the keys. i explained to him that i did`nt feel right to keep driving this brand new car and everything was`nt finalized. he made a statement to me that basically had already bought the car, and i couldnt return the car, he said to walk out , i would be playing russian roulet! i in terms did leave without the car. the next day he phoned me to say, that he had talked to his boss,and he stated that ui had bought the car ,because of driving the car as long as i did.he stated to me, that he could do a numerous of things to me, one garnish my check, but what he did want from me that day was a check for 19,000.00,he also stated that i could go after your mom,and my mom only signed a form to co sign if i needed help getting the car.itold him plplease do not mess with my mom, she was only trying to help me .i ended the civersation by saying i don`t have no money,he said i`ll call you back,but he hasn`t since that day jan 2nd,but i`ve been worried because i don`t know what he will do,or can do. i don`t have no money for court,my husband is unemployed,i handling everything alone! please help, e.g.

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  1. The only significant legal issue in the situation described would appear
    to be was the purchase agreement for the car conditional upon your obtaining financing for the vehicle—or not? If so, you should be “off the hook”, legally speaking, for the vehicle; if not, then you’re likely obligated for this vehicle.

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