I’m living in USA.

I’m living in USA. I have a flat in Bangalore. I m planning to rent it out.I have a General Power of Attorney in India. Can my GPA sign the rental agreement docs? or as a owner, Do I have to sign as well.?

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  1. if the GPA authorises him/ her to enter in rental agareement on your behalf only then it can be done

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  2. If your power of attorney includes renting out of the flat; your GPA holder can sign on your behalf as representing the owner but not as owner himself.

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  3. All the advise are correct, if you have mention in your GPA about leasing your property then he can let out and u dont need to come over here in India. Else u have to come over here. You can also send us the detail and we will draft it for you and ur representative will signed the drafted agreeement and after signing the same send it to u.

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