Is the car mine?

Is the car mine?
I have a car that my boy friend left my son in his will i have a title and a BILL OF SALE THAT STATES HE GAVE 500 CASH FOR IT AND THE PERSON ON THE TITLE SIGNED THE BILL OF SALE. and the will he got sick and never transfered the title to his name so I contacted the person on the title and bill of sale by mail and his mother has called me saying that the car was not paid for and that she will file charges on me if i do not give it back to them. what can i do

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    OH!! well in that case, you could file criminal charges on the the person for failing to transfer title. The only alternative would be to seek a judgment with a TRO and injunction to prevent them from exercising any efforts to possess the car. I wonder if the car is worth the trouble and expense. Good Luck.

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