landlord/tenant i have a month to month lease and was just given a 15 dy…

i have a month to month lease and was just given a 15 dy termination notice. my landlord had first, last AND security.and my lease says he must give me thirty days notice. which supercedes? the statute or the lease?

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    A written lease between the parties which grants you a period of thirty days for notice to terminate the tenancy would be controlling over Florida Statutes. Florida Statute 83.57 states in part:

    83.57 Termination of tenancy without specific term. —

    A tenancy without a specific duration, as defined in s. 83.46(2) or (3), may be terminated by either party giving written notice in the manner provided in s. 83.56(4), as follows:

    “(3) When the tenancy is from month to month, by giving not less than 15
    days’ notice prior to the end of any monthly period; and …”

    Your landlord must comply with that notice which must be given at least thirty days prior to the next monthly rent being due. In other words, it cannot be given in the middle of a rental term (month).

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