leases for co-tenants What is the name of your state?

leases for co-tenants
What is the name of your state? CA
Hi. I had a quick question. We verbally agreed to allow friends of the family to rent our rental property. They have moved their furniture in, but no lease has been signed yet as they left town for a few days. We recently found out that the boyfriend who will be living there is kind of a troublemaker and is always suing people and stuff.

We would like to not have them live there at all, but this boyfriend says that because of the verbal agreement there is no way he is leaving. The woman is very responsible and we have no doubt she will pay rent, however we are VERY concerned about this boyfriend. Since he is threatening with the verbal agreement we are planning on doing month to month lease with this couple, and hopefully ask them to leave when 2-3 months are up so that they have enough time to look for somewhere else to live. My question is, is it better to have this guy sign the lease along with the woman? OR is it better to just have HER on the lease? We just dont want to get tricked by this weasel, and we want to make sure our bases our covered. Any ideas would be so appreciated

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    You should consult a lawyer on this. You are best off with a month to month rental agreement. But, the particulars are variable and you should have independent legal advice.

    Mitchell Roth
    MW Roth, Professional Law Corporation
    13245 Riverside Dr. Suite 320
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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    To answer your question, I think you are better off leaving Mr. Weasel’s name off the written lease. When eviction time comes, anyone who’s living there has some rights, but putting someone’s name on the paper gives them additional rights.

    Bryan Whipple
    Bryan R. R. Whipple, Attorney at Law
    P O Box 318
    Tomales, CA 94971-0318

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