3 thoughts on “Living trust after death Grandpa passed left living will.

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    Quite simple really. If under $100,000 in total you would use small estate affidavits (Probate Code 13100). If more than $100,000 then you can probably do a Heggstad petition (PC 17200). The first is pretty easy and forms can probably be found on the net somewhere. The second is pretty technical and involves a petition to the probate Court to retroactivly put the assets into the trust. It is NOT a full probate but more of a mini probate. I recommend hiring a qualified probate attorney… in particular for the second one. I do probates throughout California if you would like to discuss your case. -John

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    File a Heggstad Petition.

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    Living will has nothing to do with “after death”. Assets not in the name of the trust, are not in the trust and must pass through a probate, or if appropriate and simplified probate proceeding or technique.

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